Dear Feminists,

As a former member of your (not so) esteemed order, I have to say I am severely disappointed in you. You had said for years that your movement was for social equality and justice. And I believed you, without a second thought.

However, as the years have gone by, I noticed something that has gotten me to turn in my membership. And that is a complete lack of any real evidence of your actually fixing the problems that exist in our society. In fact, all I have seen is a reversal of the situation. Going from man on top, to woman on top.

What happened to equality? What happened to justice?

I can say that, while your movement may have started out looking for social equality and justice, you pushed right past that and continued on towards feminine domination and masculine oppression. And that’s something I will not allow.

You tell people that women are oppressed. To some degree I even agree with you. However, that oppression is now only in your minds. We have long since gotten past the point where “the patriarchy” oppresses you. In fact, I do not believe that it ever actually existed. And I will explain why.

If that so-called systemic system of female oppression actually existed, it was only to keep you safe and happy. Somehow, that does not strike me as female oppression. That strikes me as protecting women, over men.

I have heard for years, how “women can do anything a man can, do it better, and do it in high heels.” Well, here is your chance to prove it. Go work those high paying, and extremely high risk jobs, and do it in heels.

I know you won’t. And here’s how I know you won’t. You aren’t actually capable of doing those jobs. Not from the stand point of you couldn’t get to that point, but because you will not put in the amount of time and effort it would take to actually be able to do those jobs, as well as a man.

There is lots about what you say, that is not in the basis of reality. So let me toss a reality check your way: You can do what ever you want, so long as you are willing to work hard and never give up. That comes with an addendum, though. When you impinge upon the rights of others, you are going beyond the limits of what is right and wrong.

All religions have some version of right and wrong, but the pagan religion says it best. And if it harms none, do as you will. The problem is, you are harming men.

“Teach men not to rape”. That is the slogan that you currently espouse. Instead, a much simpler and empowering idea should be told to women. Learn to take responsibility for your actions, and deal with the consequences that come about from those actions.

There are many different lines of thought that I have seen, when it comes to life. However, the most obviously truthful one I have seen is thus: You have to be responsible for the consequences that come from your actions.

If you go out and get blackout drunk, something bad will likely happen to you. Is it your fault that someone decided to take advantage of you, when you got drunk? No. However, it is your own actions of getting drunk, that kept you from thinking clearly, and keeping in mind your own safety. And it makes me wonder why you would be so foolish to let yourself get into that state.

If you want to be safe, learn good strategies that will help to keep you safe. If you want to get rid of the pay gap, learn to negotiate better, when getting a job. You feel intimidated by a man, learn that men are just as human as you are.

A while back, had an article posted on their site about men creating the problem of women hating us. (…-prophecy) One of my favorite lines in there is when we are told to look at ourselves. Been there, done that. Have you done the same?

Feminists, I ask you honestly, do you look at yourselves and figure out the best way to keep yourselves safe? Because the responsibility is not on anyone, other than you. It’s your life. Live it. Don’t continue to hide in fear.

The only person responsible for how your life is, is you. Not the government, not society, and definitely not men. You legally aren’t a child, after the age of 18. Your life, and the consequences of your choices and actions, are yours. And yours alone.