Normally, I write against feminism.  Right now, I am going to take some time to write about something that follows the feminist ideology, very well.  Being the victim.

Now, this is also a commentary about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman.  Feel free to say what you like.

Stefan Molyneux did a great youtube video on this subject, so I won’t bother getting into what happened.  Will link that at the end of the page.  For now, let’s get onto the subject.  I would, however, suggest that you watch it.  Especially if you believe the hype that the media has been feeding you.

People say lots about victim blaming.  There is a problem with this.  Every human being has the ability to make their own decisions.  And based upon those decisions, things happen.  Case in point:  Martin and Zimmerman.  I hear lots of people talk about how Martin would still be alive if Zimmerman hadn’t followed him.  Maybe.  At the same time, Martin would be alive if he hadn’t attacked Zimmerman.  If any of hundreds of little details had been different, Martin would be alive.  And a large number of those are Martin’s own actions.

I can already hear it now.  People saying “Don’t blame the victim.”  And shouts of victim blaming and other such things.  At some point, we need to blame the victim.  The actions of a single person can bring about a great number of things.

“If Zimmerman hadn’t followed Martin, he would still be alive…”  Putting this here, for the people that are going to say it.  Let me throw this back at you:  If Martin hadn’t attacked Zimmerman, Martin would still be alive.

See, this is an important thing people should understand:  We are responsible for our own actions.  I am supposed to be, as an adult, responsible for my actions.  You, as an adult, should be responsible for yours.  By the age of being a teen, most people start developing some form of responsibility for their actions.  Everything that happens, happens in a chain of events, based upon how the people involved act.  And when we choose to act in any way that is violent, violence will tend to be what happens to us.

See, that’s how we have wars.  That’s how we have conflicts that last for centuries.  (Don’t believe me?  How long have Israel and Palestine been fighting?  Link to the wiki page at the bottom.  It’s got good sources, which is what you can look at)

I see a lot of people saying “Racial hatred.”  Really?  You can give that much of a detailed psychological analysis of a person, from…  watching them on TV?  In all actuality, those that say racial hatred are more likely to be racially motivated.  Psych 101, for anyone that has spent time in College.

But that isn’t the issue.  The issue is that as long as we do not hold people accountable for their own actions, this is what is going to happen.  People will suffer and die, and others will continue to say that it is someone else’s fault.  In most cases, both parties should be responsible for their own actions, and the consequences that have followed from them.

It sucks.  I know.  I have to do it all the time, with myself and others.  But that’s a big part of being an adult.  Holding yourself responsible for your own actions.

And until people hold themselves responsible for their own actions, they aren’t acting like an adult.  The only people who act like they are not responsible for their own actions, tend to be victims and children.  And when someone acts like that, they become a victim of their own self sabotage and belief that they are destined for something.

The only thing anyone is destined for, is the grave.  Everything else, is a circumstance of our own making.

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