As the title states, it isn’t my job to understand you.  Nor is it your job to understand me.  In realistic terms, it’s no one’s job to understand anyone else.  Ever.

That sucks, doesn’t it?  Hearing that is rather harsh, I know.  It still hurts me, sometimes, when I think about it.

Rather, the only person who has any responsibility for your life (your is used in the context of any single person), is you.  Just like the only person who has any responsibility for my life, is me.

So it’s always wonderful to receive a little gratitude from someone, when you do something for them.

Realistically, we all have a limited time on this earth.  That time may vary from person to person, but on average it’s 78.7 years, according to the CDC.  (Link at the end)

That is 41,393,052 minutes on this earth.  (78.7*365.25*24*60)

Now, that might seem like a lot, but remember most people will spend about 8 hours a day sleeping, and 8-9 (or more) hours a day working.  So that leaves a total of 8 hours (or less) a day for the people we care about.  Leaving a grand total of 13,797,684 minutes of a person’s life that is divided between the things they enjoy, the people they care for, and other pursuits.  Again, that seems like a lot, but not when you put things into perspective.

If I spend 5 minutes each day on each one of my friends (using 200 friends for ease of math), that’s going to take over 1000 minutes, every single day.  In fact, that 1000 minutes comprises over 2/3s of a day.  That means I would have to cut down on work and/or sleep for people.

I already stated that we only have about 8 hours for the pursuits we want to enjoy.  Someone is always going to fall through the cracks.  It sucks, but at times we need to triage some people, so we can spend some quality time for our own self.

Is it any wonder why people are always in such a hurry?  There are so many demands on people, it’s hard to find time for themselves, let alone someone else.

Now, since I usually direct my writings towards feminists, I will explain how this is relevant to the hypocrisy that feminists tend to try and perpetuate.  It came to my attention through RazorBladeKandy’s video “The one that broke me”, a feminist that believes men need to check their privilege, when talking to women.  (Links to both videos at the end)

Here’s the actual reality:  No.  Men don’t.  In actual fact, men can tell you to go fuck yourself.  You’re taking up a lot of someone’s precious time on this earth, and you want more.

That is real demanding of you.

If someone actually gives you anything, especially their time, don’t start saying “Check your privilege.”  You’re just making yourself look like a demanding, entitled, and/or needy little child.

Check your own privilege.  Because you are acting like you deserve more than anyone else on this earth.

And to any feminist that wants to use that statement to anyone, here is my response:

Suck my privilege.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go and stop Firefly from torching people’s homes.

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