It came to my attention that Naomi Wolfe wrote a rather amusing article:

Before we get to the article, let’s take a look at the writer:

(Leaving it to all two of you to read the links provided, before I get on with it)

Now, Ms. Wolfe is a “Third Wave Feminist.”  This means she’s one of the women responsible for pushing women into political office and pushing for stuff like VAWA.  I can’t necessarily blame Ms. Wolfe for that sexist piece of legislature, but she is among the women who were pushing for it.  She’s also a writer of really shitty interesting books on feminism and women.

On to the article…

“Do women suffer from a double standard in the workplace in relation to how they look? Have we gotten past the subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) shade of sexism in hiring and promotion – disproportionately affecting women – that I identified in 1991 as “the professional beauty quotient”?”

Yes.  They do.  So do men.  It’s not disproportionate, it’s the exact same, for both sides.  You want to believe that it mainly affects women, but here’s the reality:  The more attractive either sex is, the more likely they are going to get what they want.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had women (and men) tell me about how bad their relationships are.  (If I had a dollar for each time, I would be richer than Bruce Wayne)  And every time I ask the same question:  Why are you still with him/her?  The answer is almost universal:  Because s/he is so hot!

People will forgive a whole lot, from someone who is attractive.  Sadly.  Equally, people are more willing to help attractive people succeed.  

You do go into this, to an extent, but go right back to bitching about how unfair it is for women.  (Life isn’t fair.  Learn to deal with it!)
The issue isn’t that women are disproportionately affected.  Both sexes are affected.  However, there is a cultural bias towards women.  Especially the really attractive kind.  And if you don’t believe me, I can introduce you to women who have pretty much gotten by on their looks, tits, and ass, for most of their lives.  (Pssst…  Men can’t do that, as far as I am aware)

Back to your article…

Ms. Wolfe links a previous article, also social commentary, pointing at the Nelson case.  I will admit, if I hadn’t seen the articles about the case, I would never have believed it happened.  A woman was fired, for being too beautiful (according to some news sources).  But what shocked me about it is, when she sued, the courts upheld the rights of her previous employer.

Now, looking into this, it didn’t seem a clear cut Man Vs. Woman court battle.  It was actually more of a Woman Vs Woman court battle.  She was fired at the insistence of her employer’s wife.  (I won’t get started on the courts, right now)  This isn’t really sexist.  The man did what his wife told him to.  You and your compatriot, Michael Kimmel (Do not get me started on this guy), decide it’s just so wrong of a man to try and save his marriage, by firing his attractive (to him) assistant, at the insistence of his wife.  To those of you who haven’t read about it, go read the articles.

Now, most of your article isn’t even worth reading, let alone talking about.  But there are a couple more points I want to hit on.  Points that you made, without knowledge of what’s really going on.

“We should try to imagine a world in which the Jamie Dimons and Newt Gingriches struggle daily to stay focused on their high-pressure jobs, while torrents of comment and attention are devoted to how “hot” and well-dressed they are, or alternatively, how out of shape, middle-aged, and sexually unappealing they are.”

This amused me, because of one major difference between men and women:  Men rarely give a damn about what others think of them, beyond a certain few people.  And those are usually the ones that are most trusted and cherished.  This, on a man, tends to make him more attractive to females, from what I have seen.

Whereas women tend to worry about every little thing most other people say.  They get disturbed by just about any suggestion that they are less attractive than another woman.  (Pssst…  This makes females so damn unattractive, it drives the good men away)

“Many countries have government agencies whose job is to ensure that women – and men – do not face workplace discrimination on the basis of their appearance. Unfortunately, that task has not been completed.”

Really?  They have something to ensure men don’t get discriminated in the workplace?  Since when?  Oh wait, men rarely call things discrimination.  Unless you’re talking about racism.  Those pesky white males don’t ever get discriminated against.  (Unless you realize that equal opportunity quotas are actually a form of legal discrimination)

But, because the media play a major role in perpetuating this double standard against women in the public eye, legislating or litigating against this kind of workplace harassment will not help. Sexist commentators have to scrutinize themselves; if they do so honestly, they will not like what they see in the mirror.”

Ah, finally!  I am at the end of your piece of shit article.  While you say it’s a double standard against women, it really isn’t.  It’s on both sides, Ms. Wolfe.  You just want to be offended, and protect the rights of women, everywhere.


Ms. Wolfe, I think it might be time to let go of what feminism taught you, pull your head out of your vagina (biography), open your eyes, and realize the world might actually be a bit different than you think.