Oh yeah, they are at it again.  Telling the population how men can stop rape.

Feminist rape propaganda is in full swing, again.  A new website and new campaign for how men can stop rape.
The website, in the lower corner, is right below the slogan of “Men can stop rape.”  I do so love how feminists keep doing this.  They keep giving me ammunition to fire right at their stupid ideas.

Feminists, don’t be stupid.  It is not on men alone.  Women can stop rape.

Yes, I said it.  Women can stop rape.  Because if men can, so can women.  By feminism’s own logic, women can do anything men can.  And they can do it better, and in heels.

Oh wait.  No they can’t.   Because feminists are saying that the onus is on men to stop rape.  Women have absolutely no responsibility to stop rape.  Because it is only men that do it.  Now, this is as far from the truth as you can possibly get, without going into pure fantasy and lies.  The reason I say this, is because rape is legally defined as a male only crime.

Without even going into the hundreds of male victims of rape by women (Yes, forcibly enveloping a man’s penis is rape, feminists), if you ask a man and a woman the same questions about their experiences of rape, you might see some striking similarities in their stories.

Don’t believe me?  Well, if I could point you at the video on youtube, Men’s Own Stories of Rape and False Accusations – Gender Equality Grenade, I would.  Sadly however, it has been listed as private.  It is sad that someone has to hide such a powerful video, supporting men.  However, feminists do not like this getting out.

But you can’t hide it forever, as more and more, people are seeing female teachers raping young boys, in school.  Did this happen, long ago?  Most likely.  Because people haven’t changed much in the last few centuries.  They just did it a lot quieter, back then.

Yes, I know, I got off topic.  Thank you, Ace, for reminding me.  Here’s a doggy treat.

Getting back to how rape isn’t just a male issue.  I was recently talking to a retired law enforcement officer.  He told me that he spent almost 30 years protecting and serving.  And while he caught, and with the help of our legal system and lawyers, prosecuted and convicted rapists, he didn’t stop rape.  Same with all the law enforcement agents he worked with, in his almost 30 years.  The same can be said of the previous generation’s officers.  They did the same thing, catching and helping to prosecute and convict rapists.  However, they couldn’t stop rape.

Feminists, let me again say, don’t be stupid.  This isn’t just men.  You need to step up and stop demonizing men’s sexuality.  Have you ever considered that it’s not all on us?

Act like an adult, and take responsibility for what you can do to stop rape.

Like not raping little boys, and also not perpetuating this culture of rape.