Even though it’s a few years before the next campaign starts, for the popular title of President of the United States, already you hear cries of Hillary Clinton for President.  They sure are getting a huge jump on this campaign for her.  I can’t remember ever seeing someone being propped up in the limelight, less than a year after the previous election was completed.

However, this does not shock me.  Ever since she tossed her hat into the ring for president, back in 2008, I figured she would keep trying to make a grab for that particular office.  I am more surprised she didn’t run against Obama, back in 2012, than the fact that she’s already trying to garner support for 2016.

But what starts getting me annoyed about all this, is how they can say (and as far as I can tell, they are saying this in all seriousness) this stupid idiot, can save the world.  Come the frak on!  Back in 1998, during the First Ladies conference on Domestic Violence, she said that women were the primary victims of war. [1]

And her reasoning for this, was because they lose their fathers, husbands, sons, brothers.  I could continue as men are more than just those things.  But to say that women are so disadvantaged, because they lose someone.  How fucking stupid can one person be?  Apparently very stupid, as she asserts pretty much the same thing, in 2011. [2]

Did no one actually point out to this dumb idiot, that what she said might not be reality?  Come on, are you trying to set her up to look like a complete idiot?

But getting back to the topic at hand, for now, I am noticing lots of re-prints of the same article by Kathleen Parker coming out with how Hillary Clinton can save the world! [3]  Oh yes, girlfriend!  She can!

Give me a fucking break!  Because it is often more of the same feminist bullshit, of how women will do a better job than men.  Let’s get in there, and dig into this horseshit.

“Here’s a thought: She can save the world.”  Wow!  She can do that?  Is she also able to fly?  Is she able to leap tall buildings in a single bound?  Is she more powerful than a locomotive?  This is a completely unfounded assertion.  Oh, but please, prove that it can be done, and that she can do it.

“Let’s begin with a working (and provable) premise: Women, if allowed to be fully equal to men, will bring peace to the planet.”  Provable, huh?  I find that laughable, for multiple reasons.  Not the least of which is how she bashes men for being unable to make the world safe enough for women.  But she doesn’t stop there.

“Three, as women become more empowered, especially financially, countries become more stable. When women have money, they can feed their families, get health care, educate their children, start businesses and so on. The ripple effect is stronger families, stronger communities, and ultimately saner nations.”  I can make statements I can’t prove, too.  Hillary is a radical feminist, and she seeks the enslavement of men.  See how that works?  You just assert something, but provide no factual evidence to back it up.  If you are going to do stuff like that, at least make it believable.  Either that, or make sure people are aware that you are writing a satirical article.  For now, I am taking your article, seriously.

“Women are already the most dynamic and fastest-growing economic force in the world today.”  Hey dumbass, they always have been.  They control at least 65% of discretionary funds, in relationships.  And now, due to being able to suck one man dry while they sponge off another, they can do even more spending!  I will buy you a clue for Christmas.

“To millions, she is a role model and a warrior for women’s right to self-determination.”  Please, gods, no!  This is not a woman I would want my daughters or nieces trying to emulate.  I would much prefer they emulate a woman who can actually think, and put together an intelligent thought.  On her own.

“Under Hillary’s watch, Obama made permanent the Office of Global Women’s Issues and appointed longtime Hillary colleague Melanne Verveer as ambassador-at-large.”  Hey, that’s great!  Create more government jobs, sucking more money away from the people of the country.  And one that is going to be…  what?  The femi-police of the world?  They are going to bring more feminism to the rest of the world?  Doesn’t seem to be working in the US or Canada.  Didn’t work in Sweden.  What makes you think it will work in the rest of the world?

“Her resume can be topped by few and the symbolic power of electing a woman president — especially this woman — can’t be overestimated.”  Really?  You seem to be doing a great job of overestimating this woman.  Especially since you really haven’t brought about one single thing that points to how she can save the world.  Gotta prove your assertions, sometime.  And your article is disappearing fast.

“In 2008, it seemed possible. In 2016, barring a Benghazi surprise, it seems probable.”  Not so probable.  In fact, there is a lot that shows me that it might not be the best thing for this country.  Some of it, I have shown you previously.

This particular woman is no friend to men.  She is firmly entrenched in the ideas of female oppression.  At what point do we stop buying into that particular lie?  Especially considering that this woman will do anything and everything she can to promote female oppression, if she get’s into the White House.  But beyond that, the fact that no one is thinking twice about a woman being President, does not strike me as women being oppressed.

At some point, people need to wake up and realize that feminists are lying to everyone.  Women aren’t oppressed.  In point of fact, the fact that a woman could be so blatantly stupid, and still be considered a good candidate for President…

Sounds to me like women are a bit more favored in our society, than people want to believe.

You have to remember something very important:  Electing a world leader, based upon anything less than how effective they have been in the past, is pure fantasy.  Obama was elected on promises of change.  Nothing really changed.  In point of fact, a real good argument can be made that things have gotten a lot worse, since he took office.  Now, if you elect Mrs. Clinton, what are we going to see?  Are we going to see what this person is promising?  Very doubtful, as too many people will be working against her.

Be smart.  Vote for someone, based upon the ability to get the job done, and because you agree with their policies.  Vote based upon a track record of doing good for the people that are relying upon that person.

Not based upon their genitalia.

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