Once again, someone was dumb enough to show how hypocritical they are, as a feminist.  I do so love hypocrites.  I especially love when they are feminists.

Now, this is where it gets really fun!  Let’s knock some hypocrisy down the tube, with the brick of logic™. 

This comes from XOJane.com, written by Kelly Martin Broderick.  The link is down below.  This one, I actually have to start off with the title.  “MY PICTURE WAS STOLEN AND TURNED INTO A FAT-SHAMING ANTI-FEMINIST MEME ON FACEBOOK,” No, it wasn’t stolen.  You put it out onto the internet.  It becomes part of the digital data stream, and you lose all right to it, once it gets out there.  This is you complaining about someone hurting your feelings.  I have a lot more that goes into this specific part, but I am going to save it for later.  For now, let’s continue on with the title.  Specifically let us look at the fat-shaming and anti-feminist accusation.
This is actually your personal feelings about yourself, Ms. Broderick.  You are the one that thinks you are fat, and that there is a problem with being a feminist.  Now, maybe it might also have something to do with the comments that accompanied the picture on the Facebook page, No Hope For the Human Race.  I might feel inclined to give you that.  However, there are an equal amount of comments defending your right to have it pulled down.  This has become a discussion, at this point.

A good portion of your article is about what you did, when you found out that it was out there.  I can’t believe that someone actually let you write for any type of so called news article.  But still, there are the points I talked about, earlier.

That is another article from XOJane.  Link to that article will be at the end.  The article is named: DEAR PEOPLE WHO ARE HURT BY THE INTERNET EVERYWHERE: THE INTERNET IS NOT REAL, ONLY PEOPLE ARE.  This is not normally my style of thing to read.   And I have a few things to knock about with this article, as well.  But this place is for hitting feminists in the head, with the brick of logic™.  And while I loathe this article for certain things stated in it, I have to give credit to the author for putting into words, exactly what needs to be said.  It’s the internet.  Lots of people are going to be crappy people, when on the internet.  If you can’t deal with crappy people, Ms. Broderick, stay off the internet.

And honestly, it really seems like you can’t.  You are allowing yourself to get upset, by words on a computer screen.  Whatever power we are assigning to the internet — is coming from us assigning it that power.  And all the shame you heap upon yourself for being fat and a feminist, it will get brought out, because of the internet.

This is what a feminist looks like.  She is a perpetual victim of society, and of men.  There is no agency in a victim.  She is an object.  Not a human being.  And that isn’t how people should live.  If you want to be a human being, start taking responsibility for your personal self.  That includes posting photos of you on the internet.  You don’t like what you see, and how someone else might use it?  Well, that’s tough.  Stop posting pictures of yourself.  So stop saying your feelings are being hurt, and playing the perpetual victim card.  Act like an adult.

People’s right to an opinion doesn’t stop where your feelings begin.


MY PICTURE WAS STOLEN AND TURNED INTO A FAT-SHAMING ANTI-FEMINIST MEME ON FACEBOOK – http://www.xojane.com/issues/my-picture-was-stolen-and-turned-into-a-fat-shaming-anti-feminist-meme