The American Broadcasting Company (ABC) has decided to pull the piece that was done for 20/20, on the Men’s Human Rights Movement and A Voice for Men.  Big shocker, right there.

Well, not really, if you look at the comment section on the article I linked in my previous post.  Will link it again at the end of the page.  With well over 2200 comments, and a bunch deleted, it’s no wonder they decided to ditch that idea.  ABC, which is owned by the Disney Corporation, is supposedly wholesome and family oriented, right?

Maybe not.  Because, while it didn’t seem to have much bias in deleting comments (comments from all sides were being deleted), it sure seemed to have a huge feminist leaning on the article it posted.  I mean it really did try to connect AVfM with the Man-o-sphere, and then to the harassment that Anita Sarkeesian got for her kickstarter campaign.

The general feeling around A Voice for Men was that this was going to be a hit piece.  An attempt by 20/20 and ABC to bring discredit to Paul Elam and AVfM.  And who can blame the feminists?  We have been ruining their plans to show the MHRM as a hate group for quite some time.  For at least a year, which is when I started getting into understanding these issues.  But the problem is that they didn’t have the ammunition to do it.  Almost the whole of their article was discredited within the first dozen comments posted by MHRM supporters.

From there, it became apparent that the leanings of the piece were not going to be well received.  In fact, if you look through the remains of the comment section, you will notice there is a lot more people supporting pro-MHRM comments, than there are supporting feminist comments.  That has to say something, when the moderated comment section of a mainstream media outlet is seeing that kind of support for the people they are outright attacking.

Mind you, this has been going on for a total of two days.  So we averaged 1100+ comments a day (I wonder if they still count the deleted comments) on this wildly entertaining article.  And that was just a preview page for the show that was supposed to air at 10PM on the 18th of October.

That didn’t happen.  While I haven’t gotten confirmation from any East Coast sources (please let me know if the show didn’t air there, either), I know for a fact that it did not air on the West Coast, at the scheduled time.  And checking the page links that we had on AVfM, I noticed the posting of date and time that had been there the previous two days, had completely disappeared.

ABC, you are a bunch of fraking cowards.  You can’t deal with being even semi-controversial.  Wait, maybe you can deal with semi-controversial, but this was more than you thought it was.  Your bias against this issue was such that you were completely ready to try and sell this stack of lies.  However, you were never prepared for the backlash.  Something you found to be far beyond what your “journalists” were saying it was going to be.

You know, those two female journalists that couldn’t even get 10% of their facts straight.  The ones that basically painted you as a news source with absolutely no journalistic integrity.  What are you going to do about it, ABC?

I really can’t wait to see what happens.  Are you trying to find a way to salvage this situation?  Are you trying to find a way to edit the piece together so it fits what your “reporters” said it was going to be?  Are you going to bury this in some dark hole, praying no one ever finds it?

Here’s my suggestion:  Pull your nuts out of the purses of the femistazi, put them back where they belong, and re-do the piece.  Re-do it so it shows how things really are.  Give the MHRM a fair shot, and show the world how things really are.

You might be scared, but in a few years people will say you were the ground breaker.  You were reporting on it first, and showing the truth.

But that will never happen, if you just hide with your tail between your legs, like the frightened little cowards you have shown yourselves to be.