Fleet Street Fox has just recently come to my attention.

And in such an impressive way, too. [1]

This is misandry, plain and simple.  This asshole of a person, whom I know from how the article is written, is a female and most likely a feminist.  Yet people never seem to understand how badly we treat men in our society.  Consider this article, written with the sexes reversed.  Outcries of misogyny would pour in from all corners of the globe, and most likely the article would have some form of retraction posted.  And a guaranteed, and well deserved, apology written.  How do people not understand that it is not acceptable behavior to treat others as lesser human beings?

Yes, this really pisses me off!  This is indicative of the world wide lack of consideration and compassion for the issues men face.  And while the author touched on a couple of issues that face men and boys, she completely ignored the majority and some of the most important, just to mock and demean them.  And this is acceptable in our world.  The author just wants to continue her life with her head up her ass.  Even saying things that are completely stupid.  Let’s just look at it.


“It’s not just because no-one’s invented the self-washing sock yet, nor because they are so insecure  they’re three times more likely to lie about their sexual abilities and  waste six million hours a year being lost while refusing to ask for directions .”  I am not even going to hit you on the grammar of your sentence.  I have so much more to berate you on.  Self-washing sock?  You do know men are just as capable of doing laundry as women, right?  Oh wait!  No, that’s (in your way of thinking) a woman’s job!  Grow up and realize we are all just as capable of doing household chores, as everyone else.  And to bring out such obviously stupid arguments shows how little you used your brain, while writing this.  Men waste time being lost.  Yeah, and women don’t do the same thing because they are stubborn and don’t want to show any insecurities?

“They even feel like they’re being discriminated against. That women have somehow got the upper hand, and what’s more managed to do it while not running businesses, wars, religions, or governments.”  No.  That’s an extremely small percentage of the male population.  You are going on the basis that men actually have a same sex preference, like women do.  In all actuality, men have a preference for the opposite sex.  It’s in our base nature to protect and defend women.  Well, if you don’t include psychopaths.  Most men actually try and help others, and especially women.  And women seem to want more and more.  At what point is what men do for others going to be enough?  This is, by it’s nature, you keeping your head in the sand and pretending that all that men do for women is expected and required.  The MHRM has a word for that type of thinking.  It’s gynocentric.  If you don’t know what that refers to, it pretty much means you think of yourself first, women second, and men…
Well, from the tone of your article, men come never.

“Sneaky us. I hadn’t even noticed, but then I was busy pouring my curves into clothing men would approve of and make me seem attractive yet unavailable, covering up grey hairs and paying VAT so I can menstruate.”  Wow, and I bet you don’t even realize why you do this.  It’s because you want to show yourself to be sexually available and youthful.  Why?  Because you want to attract a man.  But not just any man.  You want to attract a man who you approve of.  One who makes you the most important person in the world, and more important than yourself, and can provide you with everything your cold, black heart desires.  Congratulations on advancing the cause of women.  I offer you the golf clap.
And it just amuses me how you can’t even seem to see that it’s only what you want.  So what if you put yourself into clothing that men find attractive.  When a guy hits on you, say thank you.  Consider it a compliment, even if it does not come from someone you find attractive.  You might find that your self esteem and need for approval diminishes.

“Anyway, men have started a campaign for some long-overdue recognition. It’s called  International Men’s Day  and it happens every November 19.”  It isn’t about recognition of men.  It’s about recognition of the problems men face in our society.  The ones you completely bypassed and glossed over by your very writing and attitude that men are less important than women.  That get’s show throughout your article and is very obvious later on.  Once again, it’s all about you.  You poor thing.  Maybe Karen Straughan will buy you a pair of big girl panties.  Seems like you really need them.  Maybe then you might recognize that you aren’t the center of the universe, and that everyone suffers differently.  And maybe, even though it’s different, they all suffer equally.  Somehow I doubt it, but a person can hope.

“There can be no harm in recognising dads are just as useful as mums, that gender-specific diseases like prostate cancer need to be stopped, that men too can be victims of domestic violence and rape.”  Normally I wouldn’t give this a second look, but it does touch on something that is a problem in our society.  Rape of men.  Especially the rape of men and boys, by women.  But see, the statistics some people hold up show only men raping men or boys.  Yes, that happens.  I will not even attempt to say it doesn’t.  But due to the definition of rape according to the FBI, it isn’t possible for women to rape men or boys.
Per the FBI website FAQ on rape:  “The new Summary definition of Rape is: “Penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.”” [2]
Yes, you are reading that right.  There is no possible way a man can be raped by a woman, by that definition.  They do have a term for that though.  It’s called “made to penetrate.”  And it carries a much smaller sentence than rape does.
In the US the average male sentence for rape?  90.7 months.  Made to penetrate average sentence for women?  About 42.5 months.  Men get incarcerated for almost double the time.  You have got to love that male privilege, right? [3]

I have to take this next part all together.  It would not be fair to piecemeal this critique, if I didn’t.
“There can be no harm in recognising dads are just as useful as mums, that gender-specific diseases like prostate cancer need to be stopped, that men too can be victims of domestic violence and rape.
No-one sane can possibly have a problem praising the value of someone being a generally good bloke – whether it’s to his mum, his partner, his children, or the world at large.
It would be mean of us to say the chaps behind this movement must have never been outdoors if they claim there is ‘irrefutable research that mothers typically are nurturing, soft, gentle’ while fathers are ‘playful’ and ‘challenging’.
It would be unkind to point out their  statement  that ‘men make sacrifices every day in their place of work… for their families, friends, communities and nation’ applies just as easily to women.
And it would be cruel of us to mock them just because the best person they could think of as a ‘positive role model’ is rapper-turned-pastor  MC Hammer .”  You keep saying it would be cruel, unkind, etc., to mock and demean men for these things.  And yet, that is exactly what you have been doing, the whole time.  And with impunity, you act like no one has any right to say anything against it.  Mock away, lady.  Show yourself for the absolute bitch you are.  Show people how much of a horrible person you are, while I (and others) sit back and laugh at you.

“No, women, we are above all that. We can see the bigger picture, and we can and should support International Men’s Day in every way that we can.”  Oh yeah, you sure have shown yourself to see the bigger picture, and to be above all the mockery and demeaning of men.  You are such a great and wonderful, loving woman.  You would never hurt or demean men, or treat them unfairly, right?  I don’t think I could put any more sarcasm into this, if I tried.

“We should throw ourselves behind a day that might prompt men into speaking out about rape, and perhaps taking a day off from it.
If it grows and is a success then maybe in the future International Men’s Day will be the one day a year when males campaign against sex trafficking, slut-shaming, domestic abuse and religious persecution, as well as their prostates, educational attainment and car insurance premiums.”  It’s all about you, and your needs, and men are an afterthought, maybe.  If you still can’t see how selfish and horrible a person you are for this, I don’t know how to point it out to you.

That’s all the time I am going to take with you.  You, Fleet Street Fox, are a part of the problem.  You are a gynocentric, misandrist bitch.  And to you, I offer a one fingered salute.

Fuck you, and have a nice day.



[1] http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/international-mens-day-blokes-already-2805448
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