While I am sure everyone has heard of toxic masculinity, which in this day and age is just about any masculine trait that women (and especially feminists) do not like, I think it’s time someone turned the tables and started pointing out the feminine side.

So let’s look at toxic femininity.  There are many things that we could label as toxic femininity, but I will stick with the ones that are the most destructive to society.

1) “Real men” thinking.  This is real easy to find.  If you look for memes about men, you will probably see a good portion of them having some reference to “real men.”  This is toxic, as it is females trying to control what is and isn’t acceptable of men.  Men teach other men what is and isn’t acceptable.  Not women.  The fact that women seem to think that men are not “real” because we don’t meet some arbitrary guideline that exists in their head, is total horse shit.  Especially since that leads very much into the next thing, as they are often seen together.

2) Women are never wrong.  As stated above, this is often seen together with the “Real Man” type of thinking.  Women can’t be wrong.  Women are speshul snowe-flakes, and above all the petty concerns of being right or wrong.  This is toxic, considering that women will fight harder to prove they aren’t wrong, than men ever will.  And no amount of evidence to the contrary (including video evidence) seems to get a woman to admit that they can ever be wrong.  A subset of this one (and plays into others) is how they will actually get aggressive if you even hint at how something they might be mistaken, even for a second.  More on that, in the next one.

3) Women are good.  This is proven false with numerous different points of evidence.  Women are just as horrible as men.  But often, women are far worse to each other, than men will ever be.  Men will jump at the chance to tell women the exact opposite of whatever thing they tell themselves (That’s another topic I will cover in a minute).  Men will rush in to defend a woman, where as women will rush in to attack men.  How is this type of behavior good, exactly?

4) “I’m fat/ugly/etc.”  Women must be the most vain and narcissistic creatures on this earth.  They spend so much time worrying about every tiny flaw, that they can’t seem to forgive themselves (or others, in some cases), for being human.  We aren’t supposed to be perfect.  Get the fuck over it!  I can not count the number of times I have heard women sit and talk about how horribly disfigured they are, just because they gained 5 pounds, over the holidays.  Not to mention how they can’t seem to get themselves motivated to do anything about the problems they bitch about.  Which leads me to my next item.

5) Passive behavior.  Oh dear gods!  I can not count the number of women I have spent time with, that was just so damn passive.  And how they would expect me to do EVERYTHING.  I sometimes believed that I was actually expected to think for them.  Here’s your opinion, honey.  This will suit you just fine, until I change my mind.  How many times have you met a woman complain about how she’s always looking at the cute guy in the office, but he doesn’t seem to get the hint that she likes him?

6) Entitlement.  Oh yeah, that’s a big one.  Women expect the world of men.  “Buy me this!  Do this for me!  Oh, you want something?  What have you done for me?”  Yup, that happens a lot.  Women expect everything, but are rarely willing to give anything back.  Man works 60+ hours a week to provide for her.  Then bitches about how he never has time to spend with her.  He could be completely dead tired from working a 16-18 hour day, and she will still expect him to do things for her.  And then get upset if he just wants to curl up on the couch and watch something.  Or even just go to bed and get some sleep.  But acts like the world has come to an end, if he even thinks about asking for anything from her!  “Hey honey, the dishes are piling up in the sink.  Would you do them?”   Oh hell no!  That’s like asking her to create the Grand Canyon, with just a hose.

I am sure I could come up with a bunch more, but I have other things to do.  I hear Harley Quinn just escaped from Arkham, with Poison Ivy.  There’s a dangerous duo, right there.

Feel free to add your own, in the comments.