Mens Rights Sydney

By Beverley Armitage

In order to tackle any problem, as far as possible we need to know the extent of, and the reasons for, it. While it is true that statistics about domestic violence are difficult to obtain, there is data available. The 2012 ABS survey reports domestic violence levels at about 7% of the population and that 2/3 of the victims are women, however it does report that there has been a dramatic (175%) increase in men as victims since 2005 (93% by women). Further, that 57 women and 39 men (not all by women) are killed in domestic homicides each year. This is serious problem for some women and a significant problem for some men.

Politicians, police, and women’s organizations have spread the following Woozle far and wide, and it would be considered the truth by those who formulate policy and domestic violence law. As such, it leads to even more skewed legislation and policies. The extensive media coverage…

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