This is a conversation I watched, between two female MRAs.  It explains why so many women are waking up to the hypocrisy that feminism creates in society.

This is what real female empowerment looks like, as well as what two good women look like.

Names are shortened to letters, to protect their identities from those who would use this to harm them.

Even the spelling errors are kept, from the original conversation.

SK: Feminists make it damn near impossible for girls like us to be taken seriously, too many poeple are used to female manipulations, it makes it hard to show that though one knows how to do it one will not.

AJ:  its depressing

AJ: feminism makes me sad

SK: Yarr… feminism in general makes it hard to take women seriously

SK: It’s frustrating; I have to put in so much more effort just to be viewed on par with a guy, but it’s not because guys are given favouritism, it’s because women are. No one can tell if I earned my way to where I am, or if it was simply handed to me by affirmative action and freebies.

SK: That lingering doubt is always present that I don’t deserve what I’ve earned.

SK: It doesn’t help that feminism always tends to run up and yell, flailing wildly “Oh you couldn’t have done any of that without feminism! We carried you the whole way, aren’t you happy!?”

AJ: It makes me so mad that I have to beg poeple to judge me by my actions and not the actions of the majority of my gender

AJ: atleast in western cultures I’m still figuring out how shit works elsewhere, it seems though feminism is a cancerous sore that is found all over this planet

SK: It could be worse, though.

SK: Men have to beg people to judge them by their actions and not the actions of a minority of their gender.

AJ:  thats true

SK: At least with a majority, it’s hard to argue that they aren’t likely correct just by guessing randomly.

SK: When it’s like 2-5% of men are rapists, therefore ALL men are rapists… you can’t even make that argument convincingly. Though that’s still a higher % than I’d care to hear, it’s also unlikely to involve me personally being the victim of that.

AJ: I feel so tired just trying to prove I care about men too

AJ: One day I’m going to start a men’s shelter, it will happen one day that is my goal. I’ll fight the feminists to create a safe space for men

AJ: I’ve been considering doing a fund anything to get it started but even if I get funded I don’t know what all needs to be done to create one

SK: My goals are a little different; I just want to write for games or books or whatever and sneak in little concepts… like men are human too. A little education here and there, a character who’s female who’s well written and not a total bitch/bigot. That sort of thing. Don’t even point it out, simply act as if it’s perfectly normal to say such things and hope people catch on that this is what “normal” can be.

SK: Same goes for all things; women are human too… which includes being flawed creatures, same as the rest of the world. I’d like to show characters that claw their way up from the bottom because they worked for it, and turning down social justice warriors because that defeats the purpose of the climb in the first place. Just get a message out in a subtle manner, rather than shoving it in people’s faces. That’s sort of more my style. I’d like people to simply see it as the world that could be without having to point at it and yell for people to pay attention. It just simply is, and no one questions it kind of thing.

AJ: Women who choose to believe the feminist rhetoric seem to only do it because they had one or two men hurt them. It seems like they find it easier to attack an entire gender rather than acknowledge to actual truth of the matter