NAFALT is nothing more than an excuse that some feminists use to distance themselves from the (often) misandric actions of other feminists.  It is often nothing more than a defensive tactic that feminists deploy, when they feel that they are not like that.  And often, the typical response from men’s rights advocates is thus:  Enough feminists are like that.

While that is a good way of pointing out that there are many that are like that, it’s often just using a band-aid, in order to fix the leaks in a dam.  Not all men are rapists, not all feminists are “like that”; these are comparable in their quantity. If NAFALT is an acceptable answer for doing nothing about the problem, then “we shouldn’t do anything about rape, then” is an equally valid statement by this same line of reasoning.

And here in lies the problem:  Just because the minority might be like that, does not mean they do not cause a large amount of harm.  Regardless if not all feminists are like that, regardless if enough feminists are like that, it’s still nothing more than defending those that are like that.  Regardless of the number of feminists that are or are not like that, regardless of enough of them being like that, NAFALT just serves to deflect from the real issue.

That issue being that those NAFALTS are doing nothing to stop the feminists that actually are like that.

Even more importantly, if not all feminists are like that, what are you doing about those feminists that are?  Are you telling these feminists that this type of behavior is not acceptable?  Are you telling these feminists that the policies they put in place are unacceptable, because they are hurting men and boys?

When feminists started saying “Not all men” was unacceptable, it was at this point that NAFALT became worthless as an excuse.  And now, even though they continue to use NAFALT as an excuse, feminists are bashing the use of “Not all men.”  Since “not all men” is not acceptable, your ability to deflect from the feminists that are like that, has just come to it’s cold and bitter end.  Since “not all men” is no longer acceptable, neither is NAFALT.

So, yes.  NAFALT until the end of days.

Now prove it!  Start telling those feminists that are like that, these types of actions are unacceptable.